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      Nine-year-old girl bags first buck

      Hailey Hytinen and her grandfather, John, started hunting early in the morning on November 16, but the first time she saw the buck, she let it slip away because she was afraid.

      "The second time it came back, I felt a little better at least, then I started shaking again. Then I finally shot at it," said Hailey.

      The second time was a charm for Hailey. Doing exactly what her grandfather told her, Hailey struck a 197 pound buck from 120 yards away with her youth model .243 caliber savage rifle.ã??

      "He said I got it, so, when we went out there, we had to go find it. It didn't go too far, because I shot it behind the shoulder," Hailey added.

      The nine-year-old hunter loves the outdoors, is a quarterback for her flag football team, and has been fishing since she was a toddler. But shooting the buck was by far her finest moment and her most prized catch.

      Hailey will now get to mount her buck on the family's hunting wall of fame, making her mark on the Hytinen's 30-year tradition.

      As for her next goal, Hailey said she wants to shoot a bigger deer.