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      Nine-year-old reels in big fish

      Nine-year-old Jared Kleczka reeled in a huge northern pike from Lake Michigamme Tuesday afternoon.

      The fish measured 38 and a half inches long, and weighs 13 pounds. He said he wrestled with the monster fish for just a few minutes before he brought it in.

      "Well, I felt this jerk and the line wasn't that tight and it was biting and fighting and it took me like, five minutes to pull it in and me and my dad netted it in that big net," says Kleckza.

      Jared also owns bait shop in Champion; home of the Dollar Dozen Minnow, bait he catches by himself.

      Not only is Jared a fisherman, he also shot a spike horn buck this past hunting season. He and his father already have another fishing trip planned, this time for salmon, this weekend.