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      Ninth annual Farm Tour underway

      Have you ever wondered where the food from the Marquette Co-Op comes from? Now you can find out for yourself. The Co-Op is hosting their ninth annual farm tour. The tour showcases how the different farms that stock shelves at the Co-Op operate.

      The tour kicked off on Sunday at the Rock River Farm near Chatham. Rock River Farm takes pride in the farmâ??s sustainability and is currently working on new project.

      "Behind me here is a 3,000 square foot greenhouse and we're going to be doing aquaponics in there. So we're going to be growing yellow perch in the greenhouse and also hydroponic lettuce. So that is something that is pretty unique for the farms in the area," said Shailha Bunce of Rock River Farm.

      Tours of the farms are free for the public to attend. The tours will occur rain or shine, so be sure to dress for the weather.