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      NMU board discusses budget reductions

      Northern Michigan University is looking to tighten its budget belt as they face potentially declining enrollment this coming year.

      The University Board of Trustees met this morning to discuss budget reductions, including the elimination of some administrative positions in order to save money. NMU has begun an early retirement plan for faculty members, that combined with automation and the reduction of supply and maintenance costs could save the university $2.6 million.

      "Now more than ever when you have a change in enrollment, especially a decline in enrollment, it has a big impact on your overall operations," says Gavin Leach, VP of Finance and Administration at NMU. "So as a result of that as you look at potential changes or declines you have to make sure you're identifying savings that can be applied to offset that."

      Leach also said the reductions are flexible, as the enrollment numbers are expected to change soon. The NMU Board of Trustees also elected an ad hoc committee to begin the selection process for the board's next chair.