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      NMU Board discusses revenue alternatives

      A sub committee of the Northern Michigan University's Board of Trustees met Wednesday morning to discuss ways to raise revenue for the institution.

      The Alternative Funding Committee of the board is tasked with exploring new ways to raise money for the university outside of tuition and state funding. The subcommittee has three permanent members, but several other members of the board were present, including Interim President, David Haynes. The board will look to all members of the institution, including faculty, to help raise new revenue with new research ventures and grant applications, among other items of revenue enhancement.

      "The progress is making sure the revenue opportunities are entrenched in the university mindset. Everyone is looking for ways to continue to enhance revenue opportunities," said Steve Gulis, Chairman of the Alternative Funding Committee. Thursday, the full Board of Trustees will meet to discuss a variety of topics, including tuition.