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      NMU celebrates student workers

      Ashlee Wilkinson is a senior at NMU. She's also a secretary for NMU'S Simply Superior Catering Services and the bar manager.

      "I put contracts into the computer talk to customers about what their needs are. Try to help them out, do filing, copying, a lot of different things," said Ashlee Wilkinson.

      She's been working for the University since freshman year and says it's the best decision she made versus seeking employment elsewhere.

      "They work with me, they know I'm a student first and a worker second. They're willing to let me go work on a project if I need to," Wilkinson said.

      She's majoring in social work and says working on campus has helped her hone communication, and critical thinking skills. NMU has 1600 student employees, five hundred of which work in the conference and catering services alone.

      School officials say students working on campus are vital in keeping operations running throughout the college, but it's not just a job for them.

      "They're learning to manage homework, the stress of a college life, and having a job. Just learning how to juggle it all in an environment where people are understanding and helpful," said Elizabeth Peterson, Simply Superior Sales Manager.

      Ashlee says after four years of real world experience she's ready to take it all elsewhere after graduation.