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      NMU Dance Team travels to Minneapolis for DX Americup Championship

      The NMU Dance Team is a group of talented dancers with different performance backgrounds who represent the school by performing at NMU's sporting events.

      This weekend the dance team will travel to Minneapolis, MN to compete at the DX AmeriCup Dance Championship. The event is a premiere dance competition that hosts several teams from around the Midwest.

      The NMU dancers will perform a mix of pom and jazz during the competition.

      The team is confident that their preparation this year will put them in a good place during competition.

      "We've been preparing since August. We started out our year with a camp, and we learned these routines in about mid-September, so we've been preparing a long time," says team president, Jennifer Krawze.

      The NMU Dance Team will be the only team from Michigan.

      You can visit their Facebook page for updates from the competition.