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      NMU enrollment numbers down

      Enrollment numbers are on the low side at Northern Michigan University. This year, they're at about 180 students below where they normally are.

      "You know, 180, it's not like people should be panicking, and at the same time, it's not an insignificant number," said NMU Director of Communications, Cindy Paavola.

      One-hundred-eighty people may not seem like a lot, but Northern officials estimate each student brings in about $8,000, totaling losses at about $1.4 million. This year, they have just over 9,200 students.

      Even though numbers are low this year, NMU officials say they saw it coming with low demographics and record-high enrollment in recent years. But, the university is looking forward.

      They've come up with a plan, and part of it is to recruit more international students. Northern officials say that they currently have about 130 international students.

      "If you look at other universities in the state of Michigan, you'll find that's a very small number, even if you look at schools that are relatively the same size as Northern. So, we would expect to put a program together that would begin this year to more heavily recruit international students," said NMU Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Paul Lang.

      Northern says they do not have any plans for layoffs. They also say that at the end of the semester, the university will have a better idea of enrollment numbers and figures.