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      NMU faculty and staff ready for new school year

      Northern Michigan University held their annual Convocation Wednesday in Marquette. NMU President David Haynes spoke to members of the faculty and staff about the coming academic year. Haynes' speech focused on enrollment, experience and excellence. He talked about the summer success of former and current NMU students. Haynes says he's proud of the work NMU has accomplished, but there's more work to do.

      "The takeaway from today is that we celebrate the amazing amount of change and success we've had this past year. We have a lot more to do and that together, as a team, we can get it done this year and that will help us decide what our future is together," said Haynes.

      Haynes also said NMU continues its work to recruit students globally. Students' first day of classes at NMU is Monday, August 26.