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      NMU Foundations campaign looks for donations

      The Northern Michigan University Foundation has entered the public phase of their campaign to raise $25 million to enhance the NMU experience. The campaign has been working to raise the money for supporting scholarships, funding academic programs, and other goals at NMU.

      Currently they're at 90 percent of their $25 million goal. Money comes from alumni, donors, and the public who look to support the NMU community. The campaign focuses on four areas: access and affordability, career building, innovative learning, and attracting the best and brightest students.

      "It really does allow our students to have an experience above and beyond what they might otherwise be able to get at the university," said Martha Haynes from the NMU Foundation. "It allows the university to create opportunities and experiences that the state funds would not allow us to, so it really is an enhancement of the educational experience at Northern."

      Those who choose to donate now get a chance to have an area of the new Jamrich building named after them. If you're interested in contributing to the campaign, we've created a link right here.