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      NMU gets new president

      After two years of an interim presidency, NMU officially has a new sitting president.

      New NMU president Fritz Erickson was selected back in April by the Board of Trustees after a long and expansive search process.

      But he's only been president since the beginning of Tuesday.

      He hasn't even had time to move in to his office yet, but he says that the community is already making him feel welcome.

      "This is such a warm and welcoming place. My wife said to me this morning, 'we have yet to meet anybody grumpy', and that just typifies the people here, and so it's very exciting for us." said Erickson.

      There are already changes being made to NMU such as extensive construction at its central campus.

      But having only lived in Marquette for about four days, Erickson says he has a lot to learn about the university and the City of Marquette itself before making changes of his own.

      "For me, it would be a real mistake to come in and do massive changes right from the very beginning. I want to listen, I want to learn, I want to meet with a lot of people. I want to get as many different perspectives as I possibly can...and then work for finding ways to move the institution forward." said Erickson.

      While Erickson is still settling in to his future here at the university, new students are also getting ready to start using NMU's resources and opportunities to build their own futures.

      "I plan to go into a police academy from this school, and hopefully from there become either a police officer and work my way up the ladder to something federal." said incoming freshman Amy Mckelwn.

      As for Erickson, now that he's arrived he says the first thing he wants to do is just get down to business.