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      NMU graduate sees great success

      The computer technology business is bigger than ever right now thanks to the fact that nearly everyone has a personal computer and most businesses rely on the Internet.

      One local company, 906 Technologies, driven by an NMU graduate, has found its niche in the business, in and around Marquette.

      Lee Francisco, an NMU graduate who received his Masters in Training and Development, has put his education to use and started a part-time Computer Technologies Company. 906 Technologies has changed locations and gone from one to three full-time employees.

      "We want to, like the name implies, be Upper Peninsula-wide and provide all the businesses with the support and service that they need and especially home and residential," stated Francisco.

      While the company handles all facets of the computer technology business, their special ties are computer and printer sales and repair, as well as Web site development and programming.

      Francisco continued, "A lot of businesses in the area are looking to outsource their Web site work or their programming. So, we want people to focus more on the local area because we have very talented and skilled individuals here."

      Francisco says the company had over $100,000 in computer sales last year and recently they've been repairing 4 to 5 computers a day. However, Web site development is quickly becoming more and more important to them, and their clients notice.

      "I've liked working with 906 Technologies because they're willing to sit down and work with you one-on-one; not so much with other designers. They want to just do it all themselves without having your input," stated customer Curtis Hewitt.

      906 Technologies is constantly growing, so much that Francisco will soon be hiring another full-time employee.