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      NMU guest speaker talks climate change

      Are climate skeptics a phenomenon only in the United States? That's one of the questions asked during a special presentation at Northern Michigan University Tuesday. Myanna Lahsen is a Cultural Anthropologist and Senior Researcher at the Brazilian Institute for Space Research. She's been researching how information about climate change is presented to the public through the media. Lahsen says she's more interested getting unbiased information to the masses.

      "One of the things I want to press for is getting beyond this science focused debate, 'is it true is it not true' lets focus past that, you look at Brazil we don't have science discussions though we have many of the same issues and so there's a need to think about information structures and have climate policy that will make it more accessible to the public," Lahsen said.

      During her discussion Lahsen said the concept of anti-environmentalism is largely an issue only in the U.S. Lahsen attended NMU in the 1980's.