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      NMU hosts Percussive Attack Camp

      Northern Michigan University had a beat of its own with their annual Percussive Attack Camp starting up.

      The camp exposes musicians to a wide variety of instruments including drums, xylophones and even garbage cans. Attendees work with members of the NMU Music Department all in preparation for three performances to end the week of camp.

      "Percussive Attack Camp is a week that's all about having fun playing music and having a chance for percussionists to get out in front of the band and to play loud and to play fast," says director Carrie Biolo. "I think they grow quite a lot as musicians for this week."

      The first performance is for the faculty. It's Tuesday the Reynolds Recital Hall at 7:30 p.m. The students have their chance to perform this Thursday at the recital hall also at 7:30 pm, then again Friday at noon in front of the Thomas Fine Arts Building at NMU.