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      NMU President sets sights on future

      NMU President Les Wong addressed faculty, students, and community members at a forum Thursday afternoon, talking about plans for the upcoming school year.

      The university president started the forum by discussing renovation plans, including the demolition of Carey Hall, parking lot changes, and better door security on buildings. He also hopes to increase the graduation rate for four year students from 72 to 75 percent.

      And, when it comes to communication, President Wong says he wants to improve.

      "I always feel frustrated that I have to be in other places more than I want to be on campus, and always struggling to keep, or at least facilitate, the present council in helping me get word out to each of you. How would I grade ourselves? Probably about a C minus. I think we can always get a lot better than that," said Wong.

      He also said he is in talks with Duke Lifepoint Hospital, which has plans to purchase Marquette General, in regards to making the USOEC into a center for human performance for elite athletes and coaches.