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      NMU Presidential candidate interviews continue

      One of the four finalists for the new President of Northern Michigan University was on campus today.

      At the Peter White Lounge, Dr. Greg Cant addressed the University.

      Cant is a founding Dean of the Offutt School of Business at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

      He's also a Robert J. Johnson chair in Economics and Business Administration at Concordia.

      Cant says he's lived on four continents and in many more countries, and this life diversity has allowed him to experience a number of different ways to educate.

      He says Northern seems more invested in their students' lifelong goals.

      "I'm very interested in Northern's committment to foster lifelong civic engagement. These initiatives are what creates collective interest. It builds community," said Cant.

      NMU President David Haynes' two-year term runs through June 30.

      In December he announced that he will return to the NMU faculty once his term is complete.

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