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      NMU receives $250,000 from Cliffs Natural Resources Foundation

      Northern Michigan University's clinical laboratory sciences programs received a $250,000 gift from Cliffs Natural Resources Foundation.

      This is Cliffs' largest gift to NMU, and will be disbursed over five years. The funding will establish a $50,000 Cliffs Endowed Scholarship to assist students with costs associated with training at clinical agencies. The gift will also help expand the scope of the molecular diagnosis laboratory to facilitate student training, test development and research. Training for current laboratory workforce and high school educators is planned on being set up with the money, along with summer workshops for elementary/secondary students.

      NMU is one of eight universities across the nation offering an accredited program in diagnostic molecular science. Students complete a clinical internship as part of the program, allowing them to work collaboratively with health care professionals while gaining experience in their fields.