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      NMU students are recognized for leadership

      Northern Michigan University held a special graduation ceremony for its Student Leader Fellowship Program graduates to honor the students' accomplishments.

      The two year, nationally recognized leadership development program provides students with different experiences they may not otherwise have, through community services, internships, class courses, and Skillbuilder workshops.

      The students also have the privilege of being paired with a variety of mentors, who are considered prominent figures in the community.

      "It has practically made my Northern experience. It has helped me to meet some of the most amazing people on campus, some of the amazing directors and staff on campus, and it's just really gotten me really involved in the community and you're able to enjoy life a lot more when you're out volunteering, having fun, meeting new people, so it's been an awesome experience," said Elizabeth Sabin, a Student Leader Fellowship Program Graduate.

      During the ceremony, students reflected on their accomplishments, and shared their future plans.

      For more information on joining the program, click here.