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      NMU students break world record

      The idea came from a late night poker game.

      And now two Northern students can officially say that they've organized an event that broke a world record.

      Sunday 341 people participated in the largest skateboard parade.

      That broke the previous Guiness World Record of 250 people.

      Participants could use any type of skateboard, and people really got creative.

      "It's awesome to see this many people come out," says co-organizer Jeremy Johnson.

      "Our club started just about people that wanted to get out and skate, so it's great to see the whole community coming out, and just wanting to skate together, do something crazy, break a world record," adds co-organizer Devin Mahoney.

      The event was hosted by the N.M.U. Skate and Snow Club, and the Marquette Informal Longboarding Foundation.

      There was also live music, prizes, giveaways, and contests.

      This was the fourth Guiness World Record attempt to take place on N.M.U.'s campus.

      Previous records?

      Largest game of musical chairs, world's largest pasty, and world's largest sauna.