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      NMU students pick up laptops for fall semester

      Some students settling in before the start of the fall semester at Northern Michigan University were getting their laptop at the Superior Dome in Marquette on Thursday.

      Full time students at NMU are eligible to receive a laptop as a part of the tuition and fees that are paid to the university. It's one of the largest programs of its kind at a public university. Students are able to use the laptops over the course of their college career at NMU.

      "That mobile device will have the capability of doing any of the general work, classwork needed for them to be a student here at NMU," says Scott Krah, Director of Micro Repair Services at NMU.

      Any repairs that are needed to the computer over the course of the college career can be made right at the university through trained students.

      The notebook distribution continues Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If students are not able to make it, they are able to receive their notebook at Micro Repair, which is located in Room 114 of the Learning Resource Center.