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      NMU trying to reduce binge drinking on campus

      A new school year is underway at Northern Michigan University, and so are efforts to reduce the amount of binge drinking on campus.

      The Housing and Resident Life Office at NMU is trying something new this year. Satellite offices are in the works in each residence hall that will bring students closer to campus officers. The office hopes that by increasing contact with the students they can create a more open and safe environment. This goes along with all of the Welcome Week events, like Late Night at the Peif. It's set up to show students they don't need to drink to have fun, along with the dangers of binge drinking.

      "We want to make sure that every student that comes to Northern, if they choose to graduate, we want to make sure that issues related to alcohol don't keep them from that," says Lenny Shible of NMU Health Promotions. "Every person that I work with on this campus is elated when students walk across stage and get their diploma, and that's what we're all working towards."

      The health promotions office on campus says if this causes one student to make better decisions, then it's worth their efforts.