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      NMU tuition raised by 3.2%

      The Northern Michigan University Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition for the 2014-2015 year.

      The board voted to raise tuition by 3.2% at the special session held Friday. The increase will keep the university within the cap set by the state.

      With the tuition raise the university still plans to see $1.4 million on budget reductions. The reductions could include eliminating faculty positions, and reductions in student services and athletics among other areas.

      "Well we looked at a lot of options as we went through the process, and the key piece was to make sure we're able to deliver quality academic programs, quality services across campus and maintain that investment in key academic programs that we want to be able to grow in the long term," says Vice President of the Finance Administration Gavin Leach.

      The board projects that Northern Michigan will still have the second lowest tuition in the state even after the raise.