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      NMU Wildcats on the hunt for jobs

      Governor Snyder says Michigan's economic comeback is in full swing, and more than 223,000 private sector jobs are being created. Locally, Northern Michigan University students, looking to capitalize on the available work, were at Wednesday's Fall Job Fair.

      Sixty-five organizations set up for the fair. Mining, law enforcement, engineering and business management were some of the areas represented. Students say there are many benefits to attending the fair.

      "Even if you have a job, just to see what else is out there, to get your name around, meet new people, it's a confidence booster." said NMU graduate Jamie Gosen. "Last year I met a lot of great people for networking purposes to find; even if a business didn't have any job openings right now, they've got your name, contact information."

      This was the 46th year for the job fair at NMU. If you were unable to attend this fair, the next one at NMU will be held in February.