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      NMU Wildcat's workout not for the weak

      Twenty-one-year-old Jared Coreau is the most physically fit Wildcat on the Northern Michigan University hockey team. His intense workouts have improved his performance on the ice, which has drawn attention from NHL teams.

      His twice-a-week workout is intense. The NMU junior, originally from Perth, Ontario, and his Motions Fitness trainer, Mike Koskiniemi, run his body through an advanced exercise regime to improve his hockey skills. Koskiniemi also has him on a high protein diet. The focus of the entire workout is on injury prevention and pain management.

      As goalie, Jared has found his new physique to be invaluable.

      "I feel more alive when I'm on the ice and I feel more confident because I know what I've been doing to get stronger, faster,'s helped mentally, too. I've taken pride in it, and I think without working out, I don't think I'd be where I am today," said Coreau.

      Jared has been playing hockey as goalie since he was seven years old, and he's been physically training since he was 14. He has been training with Koskiniemi since May 2012. Over the summer when Jared would be home in Canada, they would conduct workout sessions via Skype in Jared's garage.

      Since they began, Jared has added four pounds of performance weight and gained an inch and a half in height, making him 212 pounds at just under 6' 6".

      "He does everything necessary to be a top-end athlete and a top-end winner," said Koskiniemi. He described Jared's progress as "phenomenal."

      It's a dynamic workout, starting with prep work and moving up to a full body exercise.

      "Every day there's something different, and he comes up with new exercises all the time. I think that's the best part because if you're doing the same routine over and over again, it becomes pretty boring," Coreau said.

      Jared has a 100 percent start rate this season and more than 1,000 saves, the most in the CCHA. Jared wants to play hockey professionally. His performance on the ice has already caught the attention of NHL teams from Chicago, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

      "Jared is going to be a professional hockey player. He's treating it like his job, so the only thing he thinks about is goal tending." Koskiniemi said.

      "Wherever I am, wherever I go, I'm going to be driven to get the most out of everything I do--practices, workouts--and demand the best of myself," Coreau added.

      Jared will be maintaining his workout regime, but right now he says his priority is beating the University of Michigan in their first playoff game this Friday in Ann Arbor.