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      NMU's Carey Hall demolition

      Carey Hall, on Northern Michigan University's campus, will soon be just a memory. After looking at ways to reuse the facility, it was decided that the best course of action is to demolish the building.

      That demolition work started Monday and will be going on for the rest of the week. The debris is being soaked with water to keep the dust to a minimum. Crews are also monitoring decibel levels around the project.

      "August 3 is the date we have for project completion with tearing down the building, hauling the materials away, restoring the site, and as of this morning, that is our intent. The weather has been good--they can work rain or shine, so we don't anticipate any problems there," said NMU Engineer Steve LaBar.

      The project will cost an estimated $800,000. Carey Hall has been vacant since 2004. The land will be returned to a grass field.