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      No animal control officer?

      We've all seen dogs and cats running on the loose around our neighborhoods, and thanks to animal control officers, those little guys usually get picked up. But some people were concerned in Dickinson County after the last officer retired and budget issues prevented hiring another.

      Some people in Iron Mountain were concerned that without an animal control officer, dogs and cats would be left running the streets. For a while, the police were responsible for picking up the runaway dogs and any other animal, but the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office realized that may not be the best option.

      "We just got the OK from the board to go ahead and hire on a part-time basis, and that's going to alleviate some of the issues we've had with the animal control. But I think it's better if we have one person handling as many of the animal complaints as we can," said Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Celello.

      A part-time animal control officer is in the works, which police believe will ease residents, and they won't have to worry anymore about unwanted visitors in their yards.