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      No charges issued involving Bootjack horses

      A picture posted on our Facebook page shows a thin horse on Bootjack Road near Lake Linden.

      The picture received over 500 shares and caused the public to take a stand. The outcry was heard by the Houghton County Sheriffâ??s Department, and Detective Sergeant Thomas Rosemurgy investigated the farm and all 19 horses with a certified equine veterinarian.

      â??Although there was no signs of abuse to these animals at all whatsoever, it did appear that there was some neglect of the farm and of some of these animals,â?? said Rosemurgy.

      The case file was sent to the prosecutorâ??s office on Friday for review. Prosecutor Michael Makinen released a statement Wednesday saying no charges are being issued as of this time.

      Because the veterinarian involved in the investigation did not wish to speak on camera, TV6 spoke with veterinarian Dale Aho, who is also certified to check horses, about what vets look for during an assessment.

      â??You look at, do they have adequate water supply?â?? explained Aho. â??Do they have adequate grain supply? Do they have enough hay on board for at least three days?â??

      Officials and experts hold that though the horses are thin, they are not in grave danger, and no seizures are being made at this time. Detective Rosemurgy said he urges everyone to check with reputable sources on the facts of the situation.

      â??Right now, social media is just being inundated with lies, with mistruths,â?? Rosemurgy said. â??Donâ??t succumb to the social networking mistruths and lies that are circulating right now."

      I personally visited the farm on two separate occasions, and the owner was adamant that he did not want to speak on camera. However, he told me that he feels he is the victim in the situation.

      Detective Rosemurgy also said the owner will be given a list of strong suggestions of what to fix on his property.