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      No flag at memorial

      Some Dickinson County residents are disagreeing over whether a flag should have been raised for Veterans Day in the rain.

      Sunday, Omer Nevils went to visit the Veterans Memorial at the top of the Pine Mountain Ski Hill and found no flag. He was informed by the American Legion, who is responsible for raising it, that the decision was due to the inclement weather. Nevils responded by putting up his own American flag at the memorial with friends.

      "Every conflict, Vietnam, World War II, over in Iraq, all day, they were flying flags and they've been through every kind of weather condition you could imagine," said Nevils. Dennis Larson of the Iron Mountain American Legion responded the flag and pole are expensive, and they didn't want it to get ruined.

      "We built that Veterans Memorial to honor our veterans and the service that our veterans did. It's unfortunate that sometimes weather circumvents what we do in our lives, but yesterday (Sunday) the weather did just that," said Larson.

      There was still no flag there Monday, and Nevils says he will keep his there until the Legion raises their's back up on the flagpole.