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      No shortage of Easter eggs at Ludington Park

      Paul Mitchell the School has raised more than $6 million dollars for their nationwide FUNraising campaigns.

      Saturday the school in Escanaba aimed to add to that pot with the first-ever "Cut, Color, Run" event.

      For 8-year-old Trevor Englund it was a chance to hone skills he only gets to use once a year.

      "Every Easter egg hunt I get more and more eggs," said Trevor.

      He was just one of dozens of kids that hunted for Easter eggs Saturday afternoon in Escanaba.

      Older kids were active as well, over 100 participated in a Walk/Run around Ludington Park.

      It was all part of Paul Mitchell the School Escanaba's goal to bring in some big fundraising dollars for the organizations national charities, such as Children's Miracle Network, Habitat for Humanity and African Orphans.

      It's the first time they've held a Easter event, and say the timing seemed perfect.

      "It's the time of year people like to get out, it's a beautiful day you just can't predict weather like this in the U.P.," said school director Wendy Eckert.

      The results paid off, the school went well over their goal of participants, and had a little fun too.

      "Being able to give back to the community, and have fun, you just can't beat that," said school staff member Mary Doyen.

      With their Easter success, they plan to host a similar event this time next year.