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      No turkey day table scraps for Fido

      The holiday season is a time for sharing with family and friends, however, pet safety experts say sharing food with your pet could be a bad idea.

      Giving your pet food from your Thanksgiving dinner may seem like a good way to include them. However, veterinarians warn of the many dangers of feeding pets human food. They warn not to give table scraps as Thanksgiving food may be high in fat and cause severe pancreatitis. Also, the brittle bones found in turkeys could easily splinter or break, leading to injury or obstruction.

      "Certainly, you know, we could get them some special type of canned dog food as maybe a treat; we could get them some toys to play with so that they have something to do while, maybe, the family's eating their Thanksgiving dinner," said veterinarian, Dr. Jack Rauch.

      And another helpful tip: once you're done with your meal, make sure your garbage is secured to prevent your pet from getting a second helping of your dinner.