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      Non-profit agency faces layoffs and director resignation

      BHK Child Development is going through a transition.

      They've laid off employees, their executive director has resigned, and they've cut several programs due to financial problems. BHK's Executive Director, Mike Poma, resigned effective last Wednesday. According to BHK Board President Gale Eiolola, Poma left for personal reasons.

      The board is handling the director's duties for now. They'll appoint an interim director in the weeks ahead.

      Financial problems have been an issue at BHK for months. Eiolola says they've been losing money each month for the past six months.

      Seven employees were let go last Friday. That's due to grants not being renewed, which funded some of the positions. Eiolola did not say how much money those grants totaled.

      With grant money drying up, programs are also being eliminated, like Fathers to Dads. Eiolola says those programs actually ended a while ago, but were, up until now, being funded with other money in the organization.

      BHK Child Development is a private, non-profit agency that deals with children and family needs and issues.