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      Noque adds snowbiking, skijouring to races

      Snow bike racers got to show what they're made of Sunday at the Noquemanon Ski Marathon in Marquette Township.

      It was a first for the world championship of snow biking and skijouring athletes to compete in the races. The current cross country trails were groomed for the snow bikes. Roughly 75 racers started off at the trailhead and rode a 25K race.

      Organizers said don't be fooled...the sport is much harder than riding a regular bicycle.

      "This is a lot different than riding on a regular bike, especially on the wider trails; some of the tighter single-track trails can be really challenging. It's kind of a skill builder for training in the summertime because if you fall off on these trails, you stop instantly. You can't keep going, and that really keeps you kind of up to speed for riding in the summertime," said Mike Brunet, chief of the course.

      Organizers also said they hope to double in participants next year.