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      Noque entry fees to increase

      The entry fee for the Noquemanon Ski Race in January is about to go up. As of November 30, the fee will be $85. The event has now grown into a full weekend of events including the 50-k, 24-k, Jr.Noque and snow bike events.

      According to organizers, the event is taking on more of a Nordic festival feel. They're hoping that with expanded events more racers will sign up.

      "We opened up our registration system back in September, and at that point we have had one cutoff since then, and we have about over 500 racers that are preregistered. Now last year we had about 1,500 in total, so we're doing really well," said Nicole Dewald, organizer for the Noquemanon race.

      The next cutoff date is December 31. After that, the fee will be $98. For the full list of events or to sign up for the race, click here.