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      Noque or Bust: Final Chapter

      We've been rooting for her since October as we watched Jill climb hills, change her diet, and learn how to cross country ski.

      Saturday was the big day. But it came with some disappointing news--Jill planned to race the 25k all along, and two days before the Noque had a change of plans.

      "I can't do the 25k. I have to do the 12 now, doctor says, said Jill. So, it's not as scary because I can do the 12."

      But there was a good reason, a little Noque surprise. There is another part of Jill TMs story that wasn't covered during her time training.

      For years, Jill and her husband, Paul, had been trying to conceive. They had almost given up when just a few night's ago, she received the good news.

      "I found out I TMm pregnant," Jill said.

      Jill was skiing with a brand new Simms on board. Being the trooper she is, the newly pregnant Jill finished the 12k. She was immediately embraced by family and friends at the finish line. And although her journey with the Noque is now over, Jill credits the experience for bringing her one of the greatest joys of her life.

      "I know for a fact that before I was training and eating right that I could not conceive, Jill said. And so just by changing my lifestyle and basically thanks to the Noquemanon, I TMm now going to be a mom."

      And husband Paul couldn't be more excited.

      "I want to shout from the mountain tops even though it's really early, but yeah, it's unreal, exciting, scary, scary, exciting, said Paul. I couldn't be happier."

      And, as we've all come to know, Jill Simms isn't a quitter. As for her future, Jill says she hasn't given up on the 25k. She plans to compete in that race next year.

      No word on when training will start. For now it's time to enjoy the news with her family and await the arrival of baby Simms, who's already completed his or her first Noque.