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      Noque trails' special guest

      The Noquemanon Trail Network had a special guest take a ride on the trail in Marquette Thursday. Scott Pruett is a design consultant specializing in helping to make recreation activities be more accessible. Pruett suffered a spinal cord injury fifteen years ago and was paralyzed. Thursday, he took out his all-terrain hand cycle to see how the Noque Trails accommodate adaptive riders.

      "What my wife and I do is we kind of look at it from that standpoint and try to help businesses, try to help communities understand what some of the needs are that are out there; how they can be more welcoming, how they can be more accommodating and essentially offer more opportunities for all sorts of different people," Pruett said. "The idea is to empower people to find their strengths."

      Pruett was in town for the Universal Design Conference at the Peter White Public Library this past week. Representatives from engineers Sanders and Czapsky were also there. They're hoping to get a grant for trails in Munising to make them more accessible.