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      Noquemanon racers flood Marquette

      All of the snow we got early in the week has set the scene for the perfect race this weekend.

      The trails have eight inches of snow, and for the past week, snow crews have been grooming them so they're slick for the races.

      This year's Noquemanon has over 1300 racers, which is the most they've ever had.

      "One of the reasons, possibly, why more people have signed up this year is because we put a cap on the race, so we had a lot of racers pre-register. Snowfall has possibly a lot to do with it, too. We had a significant amount of snowfall compared to Wisconsin and Lower Michigan," said Race Coordinator Nikki Dewald.

      Any skier knows how important it is to get their skis waxed before a big race. With all the skiers in Marquette this weekend, they've brought lots of business to local ski shops.

      Down Wind Sports has seen an increase of customers this week, and they are specifically asking for ski waxes.

      "Every year it's super important when the Noquemanon comes along because we're waxing skis, we're extra busy, and we have the show at the Dome. It's great to have an influx of people from all over town, getting their skis waxed and supporting our business," said Down Wind Sports employee, Ross Herr.

      And when racers come in from out of town, they often bring their families and stop in the store for other winter gear.