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      Noquemanon Trail Network to purchase land

      The Noquemanon Trail Network is working to buy some land to secure the future of their annual events. The NTN is entering into an agreement to purchase an easement and about 40 acres of land from Plum Creek. Plum Creek owns sections of land that the Noquemanon Ski Marathon and the Ore to Shore race run through. The money for the purchase would largely come from funding recently donated from the Cliffs Natural Resources/Eagle Mine Project Community Fund.

      "This land acquisition is going to be very significant for us because it is the primary route that we use for these two events, and for the skiing side, it's a primary trail that we use for year-round skiing for our membership," said Jon Mommaerts, NTN Board Member.

      Mommaerts also said if the land is not secured, they run the risk of having sections of the trail being closed off by private landowners. Almost 5,000 trail users participate in the NTN's annual events.