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      Noquemanon Trail Network working to buy Heartwood

      The Noquemanon Trail Network is trying to purchase the Heartwood Forestland property. Representatives from the NTN have met with the City Planning Commission and have come up with a proposal to purchase the land from the city of Marquette. Dozens from the group went before the City Commission Monday in the hopes that an agreement could be reached and the NTN could move forward with developing an extensive trail network for mountain bikers.

      "I think that it's an amazing show of support from the community as a whole that the NTN can actually come forward with a purchase offer for something like this to take on such a key portion of our community," said Commissioner Jason Schneider.

      The price and other matters involved in the sale are still being discussed. The commission voted to have three commissioners meet with representatives from the Noquemanon Network to see if a public hearing is needed.