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      North Star Academy builds bowls for charity

      North Star Academy in Marquette Township hosted their 8th annual Empty Bowls charity event.

      Students of all ages at the academy crafted ceramic bowls for the event. Those making a donation of at least $10 were treated to a meal and their choice of bowl to take home.

      But students say this event is about more than art. Its about recognizing and helping the less fortunate through charity.

      "What I like about this event is that it's a reminder to everyone that poverty and hunger isn't just a one time of the year thing. It is currently happening all over the world, every day. So, I like that reminder."said junior Maia Seguin.

      In total the event raised $1773. The money will go to two local charities, Voices for Youth and Marquette Ending Hunger, an NMU student-run organization.