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      North Star Academy to add new classroom

      North Star Academy will soon add another classroom to the K-12 school. The addition comes with this year's larger seventh grade class.

      Currently, the school only has one eighth grade classroom, and they need to make more space for next year's eighth graders.

      "We're a growing school community, and as part of a growing school community, we've outgrown our space. So we want to maximize the learning for all the students. And if we keep growing, we need to keep adding and building," said North Star Academy teacher David Gilbert.

      At last night's board meeting, the school's parent-teacher organization donated half of the upfront pay, which was $4,000. The school will pay the other half this summer, and the entire project will cost $90,000.

      With the new room, the charter school will be making more hires.

      "We will likely have to hire another teacher, and depending on the program that we put in place, we'll likely need a full-time para-pro. Right now we have a half-time person. So yes, we'll have at least one to two new staff members," said Superintendent Karen Anderson.

      The new eighth grade classroom will serve a dual purpose.

      "It adds more space that's needed for individual help for specials, art classes, and music," Gilbert added.

      The projected date for building is set for June 8, and it's scheduled to be finished by August 1.