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      Northern Initiatives wins cash from Starbucks

      Northern Initiatives has won $20,000 in a nationwide contest. They took second place in Michigan for the Starbucks, "Vote, Give, Grow" competition.

      There were 124 non-profit organizations across the country competing against each other for a month. Starbucks is giving away four million dollars throughout the U.S. The competition supports organizations that help small businesses grow.

      "It's been one month of voting, and we're very appreciative of the large amount of support that the community extended to us, and especially the two local Starbucks managers here locally were just phenomenally supportive of this," said Christine Rector of Northern Initiatives.

      Northern Initiatives will invest the $20,000 in staffing and helping businesses. The organization gives small businesses startup capital and information on markets. In recent years, they've focused on developing tourism in the area as well as businesses run by women.