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      Northern Mich. University aims to increase enrollment

      Northern Michigan University is working on a strategy to boost student enrollment. That was one of the topics discussed at Thursday's forum on the NMU campus.

      Officials say since 2008, student enrollment has remained steady, but they hope a new plan will attract more students to the university.

      The collegeâ??s president, David Haynes, explained to staff that "in order to grow," NMU will need to "deal with the enrollment issue."

      Haynes set a two percent increase goal per year over the next three years, which he hopes will be achieved by targeting future freshman.

      "What we're really saying is we've become very strategic and focused where we are recruiting, how we are recruiting, both here in Michigan and all around the world," said Haynes.

      Most students attend college within 150 miles from home, however, the number of Upper Peninsula high school graduates has been decreasing.

      "We really rely on Upper Peninsula students in terms of our enrollment," insisted admissions director Gerri Daniels.

      Admissions staff plans to target more out-of-state students with on and off campus programs.

      "Many of the students that come to us are from a long distance away," Daniels added.

      Specific out-of-state areas were not mentioned, but the university will turn its focus overseas.

      They're looking to recruit students in Canada, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and India.