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      Northern Mich. University celebrates Yooper heritage

      Kaivama performing at NMU's Great Yooper Folk Dance and Cafe

      More than 100 people came to Northern Michigan University Sunday to celebrate Yooper heritage with song and dance.

      They call it the Great Yooper Folk Dance and Cafe. It is organized by NMU's Beaumier Heritage Center. The event featured a concert from Finnish duo Kaivama and the musical group White Water. All visitors were encouraged to dance throughout the performances.

      "I was really looking forward to coming today. I've seen both White Water and Kaivama before, and I just really enjoy the music. I love to dance, so I really enjoy that kind of music," said Louise Anderson, one of the dance's visitors.

      The dance also had many popular U.P. foods available. The Beaumier Heritage Center will host another cultural dance for Saint Patrick's Day on March 17.