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      Northern Michigan University acknowledges current concerns

      The new Jamrich building, parking spaces and the impact of the sequester were some of the topics discussed by faculty and staff, students, and community members at the Northern Michigan University monthly forum Tuesday.

      Issues at hand were talked about in depth, especially the impact of the sequester that will affect the university. NMU's television and radio programs will see $40,000 deducted from their budget as a result. The new Jamrich building designs look promising to most of the campus community. But construction will eliminate a large chunk of faculty and staff parking spaces, particularly the lot between the Hedgcock building and Learning Resources Center.

      "There's lots that people are curious about, and leaving open-ended time at the end for Q&A is a way to get at that, and hopefully, if there's certain questions that came up in the discussion, that those might be addressed at the next month's meeting," said John Barch, Assistant Director for NMU Center for Student Enrichment.

      Discussion about how to bring in more out of state and international students to keep Michigan students' tuition low was brought up as well.