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      Northern Michigan University construction underway

      The project to replace Jamrich Hall at Northern Michigan University is underway. In June, the state awarded NMU $25 million dollars for the project. The new John X Jamrich Hall will be between the library and the Hedgcock building which is currently a parking lot. To compensate, the university has already started building a new parking lot outside the current Jamrich Hall. Once the new, more energy efficient Jamrich Hall is complete, the old Jamrich Hall will be razed and also turned into a parking lot. The building holds 40 percent of all NMU classes and will remain open until the new building is ready.

      "Our faculty are great, and for them to be able to have these new facilities to work in, to teach our students in, it's going to be a very exciting time on campus," said NMU Director of Communications, Cindy Paavola.

      The new Jamrich Hall is expected to be open by fall of 2014.