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      Northern Michigan University hosts annual event to help fight cancer

      People from all walks of life came together on Friday with one goal: to cure cancer.

      "I beat cancer," exclaimed eight-year-old Roman Body. "I was glad I didnâ??t get any shots anymore."

      Fridayâ??s Relay for Life event, at Northern Michigan University, is a day about survival. Not just for those who beat cancer, but even for the ones still battling it.

      "Itâ??s a nice atmosphere because you have families that can share their stories," said David Neumann, whoâ??s currently battling cancer.

      For those that lost the fight, loved ones come in their honor.

      "There's been multiple people in my family that have been hit by the same type of cancer," said Holly Fremling. "I relay for them. I just think itâ??s important to raise awareness about cancer and get as much money as we can to donate to research."

      "It affects a lot of people, and the more we can do for it, the better," she added.

      Last year the event raised $27,000, and this year, event organizers are fighting to surpass that amount.

      All of the proceeds collected are donated to the American Cancer Society. The event runs until 1 p.m. on Saturday.