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      Northern Michigan University offers new minor

      Students at Northern Michigan University have been able to receive college credit for fun and interactive classes like dance in the past, but this year they will have the opportunity to minor in dance.

      Students will be able to explore a range of dance courses from jazz to ballet and hip hop for their minors. The administration at NMU believes that an important part of a liberal education is providing students with knowledge about their health and well being.

      Dance minor and sophomore, Maureen, said that it was imperative that whatever university she attended had a dance minor. For other students, like, Alycia Heckathorn, who will be among the first class to graduate with a dance minor, it's been a fun ride waiting for NMU to recognize the minor.

      "I've been here since they started it, so it's been an interesting process trying to be the guinea pig that they're trying to kind of figure out, like what classes they're trying to take and everything. It's been cool," said Alycia.

      Administrators hope that offering dance as a minor will attract many more students to the liberal arts university in the future.