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      Northern Michigan University professor offers some summer tunes

      Some folks got the chance to listen to some summer tunes performed by Northern Michigan University (NMU) professor Nancy Redfern. The "Waiting for Summer" is her second solo piano program this month.

      The idea is to give people some upbeat tunes during cold, snowy days as they look forward to the summer.

      Redfern has been playing piano since she was nine years old, and she's been a professor at NMU for 26 years now.

      During her program, she stopped and talked about each piece she played.

      "I tried to choose things that I thought would be real enjoyable for people to listen to and, again, all around this theme--summertime sunflowers, summer journal and the tempest. The tempest sonata sounds a lot like a summer rainstorm, especially in the first movement," said Redford.

      Redfern is taking her program on the road. She'll play this Friday at NMU and head to Appleton, Wisconsin Saturday.