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      Northern Michigan University science department works to fill job openings

      Northern Michigan University's Clinical Science Department is holding workshops for high school teachers and professionals in the field.

      Thursday was the first of the two workshops. The workshops address the basics of DNA and advancements made in disease diagnosis. NMU's Clinical Science Department is in elite company nationwide in terms of offering nationally-accredited programs.

      Students thinking of entering this field may find jobs are easy to come by.

      "There's a tremendous need for laboratorians in the field right now; a lot of our professional journals are estimating that there are about 40,000 vacant positions in the laboratory field. The need is going to become even greater for laboratory professionals to be available," said an assistant professor of Clinical Science.

      The workshops include guest speakers from a leading health care company, Roche. Participants also get to do hands on lab work and examine their results. The next workshop is Friday at 9 a.m. in the NMU West Science Building.