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      Northern Michigan University set to go tobacco-free next week

      In one week, Northern Michigan University will officially become a tobacco-free campus.

      The policy goes into effect Friday, August 1st.

      All forms of tobacco, including electronic cigarettes, are not to be used on campus.

      This effects all campus property, with the exception of the NMU Golf Course.

      One other exception: You may smoke on campus only if you are inside your personal vehicle with all windows rolled up and there are not any minors present in your vehicle.

      "We do realize this will be a big change for the campus, for our faculty, our staff, our students, and our visitors. So we're spending a lot of time this summer and into the fall semester educating people on what the policy is, what the consequences to violating the policy will be," said Cindy Paavola, Assistant to the President at NMU.

      Paavola says a tobacco-free policy has been in the works for over a decade.

      But in December 2013, the NMU Board of Trustees voted to make NMU tobacco-free.

      Paavola says the university decided to go ahead with the policy in order to improve the health and cleanliness of campus.

      Consequences for students not following the policy will be according to the Student Code process, and faculty not following the policy will go through NMU's Human Resource Department.